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Welcome Product Biz Babes!

The formula to launching with 5 figure insights is here. 

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“How do I launch my product based business  with impact?

That is the question bosses come to me to ask.

That is the question bosses come to me to ask.They are sick of fluffing around. They want the formula to launching with bigger lift off; and they’re ready to give it a red hot go, right now!

I’ve helped countless clients launch their products into 5 figures; because step-by-step launching is really a simple, repeatable process I have mastered.

But if you don’t know, you don’t know. You know?

I made the decision this year, to give that formula away; in my “first time release” complete Trello board for FREE! Get yours below:

Kate Mcdonald

People that love my Launches


'This Trello board is AWESOME everything I need in one place'



'I have noticed a huge difference this week in sales, honestly I can't keep up'



'This board gave me the exact steps to launch my product and in 1 hr I did $4000 in sales'


Trello Board

This easy to understand board covers

every step I follow when consistently helping product based businesses launch for
5 figure goals.


The Best part?

This pinch, dash, scoop and mix of launching product based businesses is completely reusable, time and time again!

My Product Launch Trello board provides:

  • Done-and-dusted steps towards mastering next-level launching.
  • A stop to head-scratching and feeling like a hamster in a wheel.
  • Boosted product launch strategy focus that fills the gaps.
  • Supported growth without feeling frustrated by: “What on Earth is missing?!

This Trello board doesn’t :

  • Establish business products or choice.
  • “Do it all for you.” 
  • Support “I’m fine with where I am” low-end earning attitude.
  • Encourage defeatist conclusions like: “Just give up since it’s all a bit too hard.”

So, are you ready to do this thing, or not?

Get your FREE board now.

I'm so keen. Let's Go!

Some of my launch results...

you don't have to be BIG to have a BIG impact


Sold 1200 pieces in 3 days

Logan & Alice Teethers

Trainers Pouch

Over $20,000 in 48hrs

The Trainers Pouch

Pocket Pouch

Made $16,000 in 48 hrs

The Pocket Pouch


Wait, are you still reading?

Let’s go; this Trello board is free!

What launching bosses ask me; All. The. Time:

So what are you waiting for?

Let’s get sorted for a launch!

Ok, I’m convinced. Let me have it.
Kate Mcdonald

Hey I'm Kate McDonald ,

Product Launch Strategist & Business Coach

for Women Who want to Make a Meaningful Impact & a Killer Profit with Their Products While Having FUN

As an ecommerce business coach and launch strategist—not to mention a six-figure small biz founder x4—my secret weapon to success in the online ecommerce space is pretty simple. Ready for this?

To build a profitable, booming brand I combine strategy with fun

You can have one without the other, sure. But you won’t get very far. 

Without backing your launches with proven strategies, the only thing getting you off the ground will be luck. And though strategy will support you on the road to results, you won’t be able to sustain that success if you’re overwhelmed and burnt out

That’s why I put the “laugh” in “launching” 😉


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Kate Mcdonald