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Mix info, insight and know how into launching your product based business with impact;

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The step-by-step formula for making a killing launching and selling your product online…

Doesn’t have to kill your vibe.

Forget dreading launches, hearing crickets and asking yourself “What is missing?!”

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Most bosses who come to me, ask me one BIG question:

“How do I launch my product based business with impact?”

They’re sick of fluffing around with lackluster launches.

They want to know the formula to launching with lift off like the barista knows their favourite coffee.

They’re keen to get the support they need to nail it; and they’re ready to give it a red hot go, right now!


I can offer you that formula, support and lift off:

In the 5 figure product launch lab.

I’m ready to get your support!

Hey! I’m Kate McDonald 

Product launch strategist & Ecommerce business coach. I help women who want fun, profitable launch lab potions that alter their strategy, forever.

I teach step-by-step launch lab strategy to ready-for-next-level product based businesses.

And here’s the big secret: Building a profitable, booming brand is all about making things fun.

Put it this way: Burning out and spinning your wheels in business is like:

...trying to study quantum mechanics just to make a grade 5 bottle rocket.

You don’t need to overwhelm for lift off. You just need to know the right steps.

That’s why I put the lab in launching, and can help you through my “forever usable” formula.

Want to know me better?


Blending strategy into roadmaps for profitable products, since 2015


Five-figure launches for my own brand under my belt


Six-figure businesses built from scratch


Profitable client product launches planned & executed

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How I help you dissolve risk, explode profit & have fun along the way…

I’m ready to join the lab and lift off!

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Client  Transformation

stars stars stars stars stars

I recently finished The Launch Runway course, I have finished feeling energised, with so many ideas and ready to continue to build my business into the success I know it can be with the tools I have learnt from this course. I would highly recommend this course to others! Kate is so kind and helpful and everything is extremely easy to understand! 10/10 from me

Bridie Luke

Founder & CEO

stars stars stars stars stars

Kate, helped our business move online through social media and streamlining our service bookings through our website PLUS add more income streams through online course & memberships. Kate is a very calm, positive and has a reassuring disposition, she breaks things down into understandable and achievable steps. Above all else she is a legend of a human being! A pleasure to work with.

Jen Tate


stars stars stars stars stars

Kate is an absolute legend I cannot speak high enough of Kate or the advice she has given me along the way. I started working with Kate when I was brand new to business and believe that a lot of my reach and growth is thanks to her. She is so generoush with her time and knowledge and has taken all of my ideas and helped me grow them into reality. Kate you are an absolute rockstar and I would work with you in an instant again.

Kachia Dalton

Founder & CEO


The 5 figure product

Launch Lab

Are you ready to get your product noticed online and selling out?

My NEW course the 5 figure product launch lab is my exact method to help you plan & execute your NEXT launch


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