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Are you ready

Are you ready to propel your product business to new heights?

Stage One

Your Launch Runway

The first stage is all about YOU gaining a clear understanding of your business vision, values, time and investment. We will explore what message you want to share and who your ideal customers are. We start by setting some BIG GOALS for your biz!

Stage Two

Fitting the Mould

Moving forward, we validate your product. We start with formulating your product outline and story which are quintessential to your biz! We will determine your point of difference, pricing and profits to ensure that your biz will be financially rewarding.

Stage Three

Standing out from the Crowd

We all know the online world is HUGE and competitive! So, how do you make your product STAND OUT from the rest? Stage three sees us focusing on building your online presence, social strategies, touchpoints and why consistency is the key to success.

Stage Four

The Customer Journey

The customer will be our focus at this stage, as they are essential to the success of your business! We will explore who your ideal customer is, discuss the customer process and set expectations for them, so they keep returning.

Stage Five

Taking to Market

Having the right tools and knowledge of how to let your customers know about your product of offer is essential to business success. In Stage Five, I teach you how to indulge your audience with a product they want and them waiting to buy.

Stage Six

The Pre-launch

The pre-launch stage is often overlooked but is a crucial aspect if you what a HIGH impact launch that generates maximum sales. Let me teach you why it is so vital and what foundations are required coming into a Launch!

Stage Seven

The Launch

Launch day doesn't mean you stop, in fact, when you are in launch mode, there are still many moving parts to navigate for success. Thorough planning for the Launch will reduce the overwhelming nature of it. Stage Seven will see how discovering what the focus should be to navigate the Launch with as little stress as possible.

Stage Eight

The Post Launch Review

While it is the end of the launch cycle, there is still more you need to know for after the Launch. We conclude with learning about reviewing the outcomes so that you can gain a greater understanding of what did and didn't work.


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you don't have to be BIG to have a BIG impact

Sold 1200 pieces in 3 days

Logan & Alice Teethers


Launch Runway

What you get inside the Launch Runway?

My Exact Runway

Together, we will go through each step needed to develop your foundations before getting to launch. PLUS, I will be sharing all my secrets for you to use, which will make starting a whole lot easier.

The Foundations

Launch Runway will give you the right foundational elements to understand what is needed to successfully build your online presence and to find the right customers before you launch.

Lifetime Access

Once you are part of the Launch Runway Course, you will have lifetime access. This includes receiving updates along the way to keep you striving for visibility and success.


I am so glad you stopped by,

I am Kate,

an online business coach & launch strategist

I have single handedly created, launched and scaled multiple 6-figure businesses, including the very successful Logan & Alice, and The Trainers Pouch.

It has been disheartening to see too many amazing product-based businesses not making any sales.

I have learnt that having really clear strategies can overcome the 'failure to launch' and see you get a high return on investment and create momentum for your online store.

There is much that goes into creating a strong business foundation which is why I want to share my exact launch runway. I personally use these strategies to build an organic online presence and 5-figure launches that grow businesses to consistent 5-figure months.

Propelling your business forward only takes ONE good launch, trust me, it's a game-changer!

If you want to change the future of your business and have an impact online, join me!



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The Launch Runway


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